Let's weave our dreams ...

Over of our ideas

By using exclusively our raw or dyed wools, we bring our inspirations to life thanks to a know-how resulting from many years of experience …

From tableware to fashion, we create unique pieces throughout the year. No series here! Our creations will belong only to you and you will not see them anywhere else!

Taking source from the Bay of Somme in the Highlands of Scotland, our creations are inspired by the sand of the first and the heather of the second. Thus offering a harmony of tones coming from nature itself …

Laines & Tissages
du Marquenterre


For the house

We present just here the different categories of weaving intended for your interior.


We love them !

Whether it finds its place in the entrance to store your keys or on the table to present your slices of bread, our storage pockets will give a touch of originality to your interior.


How pleasant it is to sit in your armchair on one of our cushions!

Available as a single or a duo, they will naturally find their place in your living room.


Our placemats offer your meals a touch of color and unique originality …

You can even find matching tidies!


Finally, whether you use them as a bed companionway or to dress up a room in which you like to relax, our rugs will delight you with their harmonious colors and the different sizes available.

For you

We put all our heart into making these weavings to be worn.


Nothing is more pleasant than to sit down with a good book or in front of a movie with a blanket on the legs to keep warm …

We use them all winter long and they are so hardy that we even use them to go outside!


They are warm and soft …

In addition to helping you face the cold, our scarves are also woven in colors that you will not find anywhere else!


Our ponchos are the assurance that you will inevitably attract the eyes of people you meet!

Robustly made, they are both comfortable to wear but also unique in their kind …


Although our catalog is rich in creations, being unique pieces, we do not have an unlimited stock.

For that, we put our know-how at your service and will create together , your weaving of tomorrow!

All our weavings with just one click!